Month: May 2012

Journal Rundown


This is BrokenAmethystWrites! I created this journal as a place to post my fanfiction. I am a primarily a Harry Potter writer though you may get the odd Naruto fic here or there. Just so you know I am a chronic procrastinator so it may take a while to get fics out so I’ll try to post completed fics or multiple chapters at a time. I take requests, though I mostly write male/male relationships. Most of my fics will be Harry/Draco. Feel free to PM me, my penname on is BrokenAmethyst and I’m working on bringing up a account and possibly and insanejounal, but I will definitely have and Archive of our Own account soon. I will post a few non-fic journals entries from time to time but those will be appropriately tagged.


So there’s the basic rundown for how I’ll run this site nice meeting you all and I hope you all enjoy my fics as much as I love writing them.